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Gwen Bell for Rock Hill Supervisor

Gwendolyn Bell was born and raised in Milton Florida.  Raised by a single mother and grandmother for many years prior to her mother remarrying her stepfather.  Gwendolyn learned at a very young age what it meant to set goals and the concept of working hard to make an honest living.

At the age of five, Gwendolyn experienced an encounter with a police officer that would direct her career path.  During the 1970s, police departments practiced community policing.  On this particular occasion, the officer offered Gwendolyn the opportunity to sit in his police cruiser.  He turned on the flashing lights and sirens.  Gwendolyn states she remembers the experience to this day, to include the smell of the leather belt and holsters and from that moment she knew her trajectory had been established.

Gwendolyn is a woman of faith.  She has served as a community volunteer with the church for over 15 years and as a volunteer with the Sheriff’s office for 20 years.  Based upon her work ethics and working-class background, Gwendolyn believes a working-class community deserves to enjoy the community where they live.   She believes, “people matter,” and their concerns should be heard and thoroughly dealt with through closure.

In 1996, Gwendolyn Joined the Fairfax Sheriff’s Office and began her career in law enforcement.  She served the community with honor, courage and integrity and is passionate about public service in the community.   She retired as a Sergeant in 2016.  Gwendolyn received both her Bachelor’s in Criminal Law and her Master’s in Business while working a deputy sheriff.  She also raised two boys while her husband, Tracey Bell of 32 years faithfully served his country in the U.S. Navy.  Upon moving to Stafford County in 2004, the couple realized there was a major traffic problem in Virginia and set out to find a solution.  Tracey and Gwendolyn Bell established a transportation company with one 15 passenger van in 2006 and today their company provides transportation for more than 200 residents of Stafford County.  The transportation service is responsible for removing one lane of traffic from I-95 each day.

Tracey and Gwendolyn live in Stafford, Virginia.  In addition to the U.S. Navy, Tracey is also retired from the U.S. Government.  He and Gwendolyn currently manage the family’s business.  The couple has two adult sons, Tracey Jr. and Terrence who both are graduates of Colonial Forge High School.

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